Safety Clips

Instructions - Each Safety Clip has two parts – An inspection (job hazard analysis) and a tailgate safety meeting. These can be used separately (just the inspection or just the tailgate meeting/safety training) but the intent is to use them together. Do the inspection then provide training on any deficiencies that are found from the inspection using the safety training form. If no deficiencies are found, move on to another job task.

The inspection process is valuable as it can assist with defining hazards and determining what topics need to be covered in your organization. This process can also assist with creating your Code of Safe Practices. Construction-related companies are required to do Tailgate Safety meetings every 10 days per Cal/OSHA, you might as well make them effective and useful!

Safety Clips available:

SC1 - Ladder Inspection & Safety Training
SC2 Vehicle Inspection & Defensive Driving Training
SC3 Table Saw Inspection & Safety Training
SC5 Nail Gun Inspection & Safety Training clip
SC7 Excavation/Trenching Inspection & Safety Training
SC8 - Forklift Inspection & Safety Training
SC9 - Hand Tools Inspection & Safety Training clip
SC10 Back Safety Inspection & Safety Training clip
SC11 - Backhoe Inspection & Safety Training clip
SC12 Noise Hazard Inspection & Safety Training

If you have questions regarding safety training or these Safety Clips please contact NCBE at (707) 542-9502 or Hallie Fraser.

Employer Fact Sheet - Injuries

Caring for Injured Workers If you have an employee injured on the job your first concern should be to get treatment for the employee immediately. It is advised that you or a site supervisor take the injured worker immediately to the physician/clinic selected from the Medical Provider Network. If you do not know about the Medical Provider Network, please contact your broker, or go to Athens website, where you will find information concerning the Medical Provider Network and how it can save claims cost to everyone. Go to the “Employer” tab on the website for detailed information…