Program Specifics

NCBE’s workers’ comp program is through Compstar/Benchmark and is managed by George Petersen Insurance Agency.  NCBE members will get an additional 10% discount on their workers’ comp through this program. 
To qualify you must:
1) Be a NCBE member in good standing
2) Have over 50% of your payroll in a construction classification
3) Payroll classifications must be approved by the insurer  
George Petersen Insurance Agency (the program manager)
175 West College Ave.        
Santa Rosa, CA  95401   
(707) 525-4150
Call one of their construction specialists:
Daniel Walters                    Sean Parsons                     Bruce Okrepkie   
(707) 525-4168                  (707) 525-2715                  (707) 360-4117

Please contact Hallie Fraser, NCBE Work Comp and Safety Director (707) 542-9502 for further information.